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Quest IMPROVEMENT Competition

The Improvements are now flowing freely through most departments and the competition is gaining momentum at a rapid rate of knots.

The winners this month ‘We fix’ chose to question the might of German engineering and have found a way of adapting it to suit our processes. 

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High Security Electric Latch

We are pleased to announce that we are upgrading our Electric Latch. This will be available on both uPVC Doors and our Regiment Composite Doors. It is supplied fitted with faceplate and secured with antivandal screws. Body, faceplate and pivoting staple are manufactured from high grade steel. 

It is tested to 1,000,000 operations and can be used with both left and right hand doors without adjustment. This is a power fail secure lock using DC Currents, and can be fitted as a central lock only or in conjunction with our standard door lock.

An extra over cost of £125.00 nett of discounts and VAT is applicable. Please contact us direct if you require further information relating this or any other product we supply.

Quest IMPROVEMENT Competition

Tradelink’s – Quest improvement competition’. has got off to a flying start, that has really brightened up the month. The competition is certainly off to an impressive start with some really well thought out business improvements.

The winning entry for March was well presented by the Mildenhall Stores/Ops Support team, clearly ‘World class’ practitioners; their entry demonstrates all key attributes we look for when implementing business improvements :-

- Clear Identification of an issue within their area
The involvement of the whole team 
Planned approach
Before and after photos
Cost report 

  (6 pts)   MILDENHALL STORES/OPS SUPPORT - Waste profile sleeve disposal
  (5 pts)   SALES QUOTES (SOP2) – Shaped frame price library
  (4 pts)   SALES ORDER PROCESSING (SOP1) – Specific customer contact lists
  (3 pts)   ALUMINIUM (Cut Prep) – Controlling bi-fold stock
  (2 pts)   OPS SUPPORT (March) – buying costs reduced for gloves
  (1 pts)   SALES ORDER PROCESSING (SOP1) – Solidor order confirmations

The competition is already shaping up to be an outstanding campaign. Hopefully the results this month demonstrate that it’s often the simplest of ideas which translate into great improvements. 

Regiment Marches On...

We have recently released the latest version of our Regiment composite door range brochure. The new brochure has had a facelift and comes with a matt sealed quality feel. It includes three new designs of doors being the:-

- Forester
- Infantry
- Dragoon
It also details the full 10 colour options available. 
Click here - to view the complete e-Brochure online version.

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